Labour Crisis – Call for independent inquiry into election defeat

Friday, 08 May 2015

Reacting to Labour’s heavy defeat Neal Lawson, chair of the Compass pressure group has said:

  • For Labour this has been five wasted years. It’s gone backwards in terms of seats and has failed to build any foundations for future renewal
  • The Labour crisis is now cultural and existential
  • A shift back to either New or Old Labour fails to get anywhere close to deep crisis the party faces
  • Labour must not rush to anoint a new leader – it will only crown its next loser
  • Instead, Labour should set up an independently chaired inquiry to examine every aspect of the party, and then select a new leader based on a deep analysis of what’s gone wrong
  • The challenge for the party is to match an ability to win elections with an ability to shift the political terrain
  • In light of the existential crisis it faces it should consider:
    – backing proportional representation
    – striking of a German style CDU/CSU relationship with the SNP
    – building a progressive alliance including electoral pacts with the Greens and Social Liberals
    – changing its name to something more appropriate for the 21st century

” Labour should search its soul before it searches for a new leader”

Any wannabe Labour leader should stand down so the party can understand why it lost before it can decide how it might win”

“The Labour Party is now drinking in the last chance saloon”

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