The Ecologist: Yes or No, we need democratic and constitutional reform

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Scottish referendum must mark an end to ‘business as usual’ in UK politics – no matter who triumphs in this week. That means no more ‘first past the post’ parliamentary elections, and a wider democratic rebirth under a new constitutional compact.

Only recently, waking up to the possibility of a Yes majority, have UK politicians begun thinking about the implications of Scottish independence for ‘residual UK’ – rUK for short.

Amid speculation about what to do about Westminster MPs representing Scottish seats (who are predominantly Labour), little thought is being given to the great opportunities (and challenges) for the future of British democracy in rUK.

Progressives like the Greens – the only British political party that backs independence both north and south of the border – and Compass need to address Scottish discontent with the status quo – and its causes.

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