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With our Gathering (AGM) fast approaching we thought we’d make sure that you are kept in the loop with all the projects we are undertaking. If you’d like to get involved or have any questions just get in touch with the relevant contacts below.

Education Inquiry

A year long Inquiry with the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and many other stakeholders to develop a New Model of Education.

Latest: For all the latest information visit http://www.compassonline.org.uk/education-inquiry/

Primary Contact: Rosie Rogers

Sustainability and a Good Society

Building the framing, policy and alliances to embed sustainability into our politics

Latest: Ongoing research, coalition building and lobbying

Primary Contact: Joe Cox

Social Security

Shifting the discussion from ‘welfare’ to one of genuine ‘social security’ in which all citizens have some kind of financial and emotional stake. This project is examining the need for a new state and a new approach to service delivery which is accountable, responsive and where possible co-created by users and producers.

Latest: : Literature review being competed, the policy recommendations being decided

Primary Contact: Neal Lawson


Developing a Good Society vision for Europe which brings together trade unionists, people in different left, green, and regionalist political parties, as well as activists, trade unionists and others outside of party politics. A vision that enables us to be pro-European whilst critical of many aspects of the current EU.

Latest: ‘A Different Europe’ will be published very soon

Primary Contact: Joe Cox

All on Board

A campaign to end the privatised experiment with our railways. It’s not working and it’s time to pull the railway system back together and run it for and by the public. Our railways would work better if as each private sector franchise expired they became publicly owned and publicly accountable.

Latest: Campaign to be launched soon

Primary Contact: Rosie Rogers

New Times

The way we live our lives, the tools we have to employ and the national and global environment in which we pursue our dreams have changed radically. This project aims to take stock, to renew our understanding of what is real and possible and seize a new wave of energy to take us into the future. Click here to read a comment is free piece related to this project.

Latest: Literature review being competed, the policy recommendations being decided

Primary Contact: Indra Adnan

Movement Review

A joint project with NEON (New Economy Organising Network) that explores how we build an ecology of groups and activists who share the same goals and have the tools and resources they need to build campaigns and shift the public consciousness.

Latest: We are beginning to present our findings to interested parties

Primary Contact: Joe Cox

The Economy

A projecting working with individuals and organisations to bring together a coherent piece of work that seeks to build a policy agenda that focuses on the whole economy. 

Latest: The final publication will be published soon

Primary Contact: Neal Lawson

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