It’s Bloody Complicated – The Ethics and Emotions of the Coronavirus Emergency (episode 2)


These are unprecedented times and we need to rise to the new and enormous challenges we now face.

The crisis isn’t just forcing us to think differently, but behave differently. That’s why on Tuesday we will be hosting a call for Compass members on The Ethics and Emotions of the Coronavirus Emergency.

How do we relate to each other socially and politically now? What are the right emotions and tone to adopt? This to us seems critical as we collectively find our way in this confusing moment.

To help us think this through, we’ll be joined by:

  • Julia Unwin has been CEO of the Joseph Rowntree Trust, ran the Civil Societies Future project and recently wrote a short book On Kindness.
  • David Robinson helped found and run Community Links and now directs The Relationship Project
  • Jennifer Nadel is co-director of Compassion in Politics.

If you’re not already a member of Compass, you can join and register for future calls here:

Listen to more episodes on the “It’s Bloody Complicated” podcast page.



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