Public event

Live from the Green Party Conference: Winning for Greens and Getting Fair Votes

Harrogate Convention Centre

Join Compass in-person in Harrogate during this year’s Green Party Conference for a special event.

We’ll also be streaming the event live – sign up to receive the link.

We need to change the government, win fair votes and boost the impact of the Green Party. How do we reconcile all three? First Past the Post creates an abusive relationship with voters and smaller parties, who feel forced to vote for the least bad option. As the planet burns and people starve this isn’t good enough. So how do we hack the system and change politics so we can change our country?

We’ll be joined by Caroline Lucas, Zack PolanskiMolly Scott-Cato, Steve Williams and Neal Lawson to answer these questions 

This event is open to anyone – you’d don’t have to have a conference pass to attend.




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