It’s Bloody Complicated – Rebalancing our lives, work, time, and finance


This week’s live podcast recording forms part of Build Back Better: How?, a 10 day series of conferences about how we can make the good society after Covid-19 a reality.

Universal Basic Services, a guaranteed income floor, the 4 day week, and reform of the banking system:  Join us to discuss some of the biggest, most exciting ideas around for rethinking our approach to work, money, and how we use our time.

It’s clear that current financial models are serving fewer and fewer people than ever, as society discovers itself on a treadmill that drives vast fortunes for a small few, and economic instability, environmental destruction, and burnout for the rest. The most important work is widely acknowledged to be the lowest paid, and in the case of care work it is often not paid at all. A threadbare and incomplete welfare state leaves many living in an exhausting state of permanent precarity. Our banking system isn’t working for most people, and is complicit in rising inequality, and environmental degradation.

We’ll be joined by very special guests Anna Coote (Principal Fellow at NEF), Will Stronge (Director of Research at Autonomy), and Fran Boait (Executive Director of Positive Money), and Stewart Lansley (author of Basic Income for All: From Desirability to Feasibility). Each will make the case for one of these big ideas, before we launch into a wider discussion and audience Q&A.

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