Compass Youth is the space for all young Compass members

 About us

If you’ve joined Compass and you’re under 31, for no extra charge, you are automatically a member of Compass Youth. We believe that in order to build towards a Good Society – one that is more equal, democratic and sustainable – young people must be given a voice.

What we do

  • Campaign on youth issues and give a youth voice to wider issues
  • Create a broad alliance by collaborating with other groups
  • Build for  a ‘good society’ for young people – one that is more sustainable, equal and democratic – through campaigning, education and participation/collaboration

At Compass Youth, we consider decisions about our education, our environment and the future of our society too important to entrust to party politics. Through campaigning, education and collaboration, we aim to create a forum for young people to discuss how we can turn our aspirations into a reality.

The need for a progressive alliance of young thinkers and activists is greater now than ever before. The British Promise of greater opportunity and prosperity for the next generation has been broken. Instead, we will inherit a fragmented society built on individualistic values, unaffordable education and where the best indicator of opportunity remains one’s background. We will bear the brunt of the current political decisions: financially with growing unemployment and fewer sustainable jobs and environmentally due to the failures of previous generations to tackle climate change. Yet, political apathy remains rampant.

Compass Youth exists to ensure young people have a shared voice, that we are a part of deciding our future and to offer a space for young people to rethink the social constructs that act as a barrier to a Good Society.

Together we can make sure the voice of young people is heard, together we can shift the terms of debate, together we can make change happen.

Get involved

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