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Friday, 01 April 2016

Good London is a non-partisan Compass project funded by the Trust for London to start a conversation about the kind of city londoners want to live in as we head for elections in May and hold the next Mayor to account after the elections. Find out more below or check out our website for full details, podcasts, and to add your own vision: Good London

what kind of city do you want to live in?

It is important that mayoral candidates share their ideas, visions and proposals with us. But it is equally – if not more important – that our future leaders listen to us. So Good London is about asking: What is your vision for this city? How do you think power should be organised? What about housing and transport? What do you think about inequality? How does money work? What about migration and moving in and through our city? Can citizens participate more in decisions that impact our lives? Do you want to?

Good London is collecting ideas from individuals and civil society groups from across London to start creating a shared story of what our city could be. You can see some of these ideas and add your own here.

Mayoral hustings with

Sian Berry, Green Party | Zack Polanski, Liberal Democrats | Shaun Bailey, Conservative Party | Sophie Walker, Women’s Equality Party | Fiona Twycross, Labour Party | Emily Kenway, Chair

transforming cities with

Dawn Foster, Guardian journalist & author of Lean Out | Deborah Grayson, the GLC Story | Kate Shea-Baird, Barcelona en Comu | Jinhwa Park, Social Innovation Exchange


Penny Pepper, writer, poet & activist | Sophie Partridge, actress, writer & workshop artist



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