Guidelines to organising local, regional or national alliance building events

Organising Local, regional or national post-Brexit alliance building events

This is just the first step – we are working on a more detailed organising toolkit and online platforms for discussion and organising.

How Compass can help with your event:

  • Speakers – please see below for a list of some great people from the Compass network willing to speak at events. Do get in touch, we cover a variety of locations and are also happy to travel
  • We can help to spread the word by emailing all of the people on the mailing list in your area. To do this, we just need a postcode, either yours or of the venue etc, and we can send a targeted mail out to all Compass supporters in your vicinity
  • We can also promote the event on our website and via our social media channels.
  • The office team and wider network of Compass associates can offer help with designing the meeting structure and advise on facilitation
  • We can connect you with other local group organisers for useful tips, such as how to find a free venue
  • We can send a Compass rep to speak about the work we do and let attendees know about Compass membership
  • We’re happy to chat through any of this with you and offer as much support as we can

What we need from you:

  • The most important thing for us is that they way you design and run the meeting is aligned with the Compass values. This includes creating an open, inclusive and supportive environment in which all attendees feel comfortable to participate, and making an effort to ensure a wide range of voices and perspectives are represented at your meeting. We can offer further guidance on how to do this – a good place to start is ensuring you are reaching out to local groups that are not necessarily just party political, such as community or civil society groups, trade unions etc.
  • Ensure your panel is representative of wider society – at very minimum make sure there are no manels (all male panels)
  • Please keep us in the loop about your plans so that we can promote them through the Compass networks and channels
  • If it is possible to live-stream this is a great way to get people involved – we can put you in touch with people with expertise on this
  • We would really appreciate it if you would let attendees know about Compass more widely and the other projects we are working on – we are happy to provide info/materials on this or chat through over the phone
  • Help us fundraise! We can only offer as much support for this as we have resources to do so. Here is a link to our crowd funder, in case you would like to share it with your attendees and networks.  

If you’re interested in organising, please email

List of speakers (we’ll keep updating this as we go, we’d especially welcome more speakers who are not represented on this list and who are marginalised more broadly in politics, organising and society). Please make contact with people in your area to get involved from across the parties, civil society and other groups – these are just our initial contacts who want to be involved. 

Amina Gichinga, Take Back the City

Anna Laycock,  Finance Innovation Lab

Anthony Barnett, openDemocracy

Ashish Ghadiali, documentary film-maker

Ayeisha Thomas Smith, Compass

Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party

Christine Berry, New Economics Foundation

Christopher Bowers,  Liberal Democrats

Clive Lewis MP, Shadow Defence Secretary

Colin Miller, Compass Brighton & Hove

Eliane Glaser, Writer/ Academic

George Monbiot, Journalist and author

Hilary Wainwright, Red Pepper

Jacqui Howard, Compass

Jane Thomas, Compass Sheffield

Jeremy Gilbert, University of East London, Compass

Ken Spours, Institute of Education

Linda Jack, Liberal Democrats

Lola Okolosie Journalist & writer, Media Diversified

Lynsey Hanley, Journalist

Martin Yarnit, Writer/ Academic

Matthew Sowemimo,  Author/ Compass

Molly Scott Cato, Green Party

Pippa Goldfinger, Independent, Frome Town Council

Ruth Lister, Loughborough Uni/ Lords/ Compass

Shuvo Loha, Compass/ Campaigner

Steve Williams, Compass South West Surrey

Sue Goss, OPM/ Compass

Tommy Sheppard MP, SNP

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrats

Zack Polanski, Liberal Democrats

Zoe Williams, Journalist


6 thoughts on “Guidelines to organising local, regional or national alliance building events

  1. I’d be interested in knowing more and local contacts.Like a lot of us, I’m pretty busy, but I’m sure this is something where the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts. I would admit to being interested in the bigger national picture, but Walthamstow, my constituency, and Stella Creasy, my MP, need another perspective outside the strictures of current party lines.

    1. Hi Martin, hard for us to supply local contacts as we’re only 3 people in the office so trusting the local contacts to people where they live and organise

  2. It would be handy to have contact details in the article above. I live at the bottom of Cornwall and belong to 38Degrees, which may be an organisation worth talking to. I welcome broadening the debate and talking to new people so a local meeting down here would be a definite possibility.

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