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Tuesday, 04 August 2015

utopia email snipWe’re delighted to announce that on the evening of August 19th we’ll be teaming up with the Roundhouse in Camden as part of their Utopia season to host a night of politics and culture – we’d love you to join us.

You can purchase your tickets here.

Award-winning filmmaker, writer and artist Penny Woolcock will take over the Main Space in the Roundhouse with a major new installation realised in collaboration with Block9, the designers famous for creating the extravagant fantasy worlds of Glastonbury’s after-hours stage.

Nothing ever really changes unless we imagine something different first. Using art, installation and performance we can truly begin to imagine a good society.

So what if politics really was people powered? What if everyone was welcome? What if we were truly free and equal? What if London became the most green and democratic city on the planet – a city of our dreams?

Poets Michelle Madsen and Angry Sam will host the evening that includes Marina Prentoulis from Syriza London, Sirio Canos Donnay from Podemos London, columnist and writer Owen Jones, writer and educator Anthony Anaxagorou performing with pianist Karim Kamar, feminist Sarah Day from Sisters Uncut, Amina Gichinga from Take Back the City, campaigner and researcher on policing and institutional racism Adam Elliott-Cooper, Camden Green Party councillor Sian Berry, performer and poet GREEdS (Generating Rhymes to Engage the Enlightened Soul), migrant rights campaigner and community organiser Tatiana Garavito, and Penny Wangari-Jones tackling racial and social injustice.

Here’s that ticket link again.

This will be a chance to dream, a chance to think and a chance to make connections. But it will be more than that. Something is bubbling up in London and this will be the start of increasing Compass activity in London as we build up to London mayoral and assembly elections next year. It will be the start of a chance to act.

This isn’t just about London, it’s about building a power base and a movement that’s capable of making political change from London outwards, across the country and Europe. If you’re based outside London you can also be part of the event through the live stream.

Come and create a utopia with us.

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