Sweden’s new social democratic model

By Robert Taylor


Written by Robert Taylor, a former Scandinavian correspondent for the FT, ‘Sweden’s new social democratic model’ is published by Compass to demonstrate that it is still possible for the left to manage markets in the name of social good – not just seek to serve the interest of global capital. The pamphlet sets the agenda for the debate about an ‘Anglo-social’ model versus the presumed sclerotic European model. The Scandinavian model points to a genuine third way. The pamphlet contains a wealth of facts and figures about Swedish economic and social out performance and lists the key ingredients of their success. Writing about the pamphlet in The Guardian, Polly Toynbee said: “Robert Taylor’s excellent Compass pamphlet – entitled Sweden’s new social democratic model – offers proof that a better world is possible, explaining how economic success, pay equality and exceptional public services have all but abolished poverty, with universally high living standards.

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