A beginners guide to the Labour Party podcast

Friday, 29 April 2016

What is the Labour party and how can new members get involved? This podcast is a Beginner's Guide to the Labour Party. It has been produced independently, with support from Compass. It is intended to help the hundreds of thousands of people who have joined Labour in response to the rise of Jeremy Corbyn to understand the party and engage with it. Many thanks to Holly Rigby, Jeremy Gilbert, Sue Goss, Mark Cooke, Huw Jordan, Gabriel Bristow. Further resources Jeremy Gilbert, Corbynism and its Futures, nearfuturesonline.org/corbynism-and-its-futures/ Sue Goss, Open Tribe, www.lwbooks.co.uk/book/open-tribe
About the authors
Jeremy Gilbert is Professor of Cultural and Political Theory at the University of East London. His most recent book is Common Ground. See jeremygilbert.org for more information, or follow @jemgilbert.
Gabriel Bristow does politics, writing andplaywork in London. He tweets as @gabriel_brist.
Sue Goss is a writer, political scientist and commentator, and has been writing about politics, local government and democracy for the past thirty years.
Holly Rigby is a teacher and a new member of the Labour party.

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