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New Times

New Times, a Compass publication dedicated to Stuart Hall and published to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, discusses the massive migration of agency from the vertical to the horizontal is and how it's transforming society and politics. Old, traditional hierarchies...


This new Compass publication, Reclaim Modernity, ignites a towering inferno of hope. It does so by calmly and clearly explaining that we are in a unique moment of history. The way the world is developing can be in tune with our values. We don’t have to fear modernity, or capitulate to it. It...


Riding the New Wave argues that Feminism can teach Labour valuable lessons about political participation and engagement outside the mainstream. In return, feminism stands to benefit from a healthier relationship with the party.


Are you writing for the Compass blog or one of our publications? We have put together a brief guide for how we'd like to our pieces to be structured. Compass is a political home for all who want to build a good society - more equal, sustainable and democratic - and who believe that how we...


Building Blocks: for a new political economy is the result of an ambitious project where we've attempted to join the dots of a new economy from the bottom up; from the enterprise, to the local, the national and up to the European.


Good Society

(R)evolution Road


By Veena Vasista

[R]evolution Road – travelling the terrains of creativity, power and love is published in association with the Centre for Welfare Reform. The paper is about the authors journeys into being the change she wants to see in the world, creating changes within her self and the relationship between...


This is our vision for public rail. We want a railway system that works, is efficient, affordable and good for the planet. But we also want stations and trains that make us feel good about ourselves, our fellow passengers, those who build it and run it and our country as a whole. We need a...


We have been very busy over the last year conducting interviews, having seminars with students and experts as well as holding national and local events to get to the bottom of the question: How do we build a more equal and democratic model of education? We're pleased to present the interim...

Compass Annual Review Front Page

This is our Annual Review of the year 2013-2014, including highlights of  our events, campaigns and everything else we have been up to in this past year.  Click the link below to download it.


This is a critical time for the future of the European Union and the U.K’s relationship with it. At this year’s European parliamentary elections and beyond it is vital that progressives offer a genuine alternative based on the principles of environmentalism and social justice. This short...

Compass C

To read the most up to date Compass Constitution click download below.


Political EconomySocial SecurityThe State

In Place of Anxiety


By Ailsa Mckay & Willie Sullivan

This publication offers a model of social security for Scotland based on humanity and collective security. It argues that a piecemeal tinkering of existing structures of social security is not enough. Stopping a creaking system from falling over, means ongoing social and economic costs for that...

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