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We're really delighted to announce that nominations are open for you to stand for the Compass Management Committee for 2016 - 2018 and hope that members will consider putting yourselves forward - you'll get to work with us (what a team!) to help Compass continue doing great work in the coming 2...


Howard Reed and Stewart Lansley discuss the growing demands for a UBI and how it could be introduced in the UK.

Secure & Free

Insecurity has become pervasive. It permeates the lives not just of the marginalised but also the reasonably well off. In/security is not simply the latest political fad restricted to the chattering classes, but resonates with public attitudes. With insecurity such a major problem and so...


Compass has changed a lot over the last two years. We are serious about the need to transform our economy and politics, so we have to take ourselves seriously. From our campaigns and events, to our publications and thinking, we are becoming more strategic and more systemic in what we do. We...

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Click here to download our draft strategy and feed in your thoughts. Your feedback will shape what Compass does over the next years.     

Secure & Free

As this is a draft publication out for consultation, please forgive the typos. Secure & Free - get involved in Compass's latest project. Insecurity has become pervasive. It permeates the lives not just of the marginalised but also the reasonably well off. This paper identifies starting...

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Why progressives have to develop a hegemonic politics for the 21st century. 


The Conservative government is now committed to introducing some form of English votes for English laws as soon as possible. The
Labour Party and the wider progressive community have to react strategically. This paper discusses how developing localism and devolution, establishing a constitutional...

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2015 was not like any other defeat. There are no safe places to go to, no easy answers and no comforting new leaders. There is only hard thinking in a process that must confront the party’s economic, political and cultural demons. Outside of Labour, progressive and radical politics is...


This collection of short essays builds on thinking over the last few years – especially thinking in and around Labour and its policy review. The assembled authors share a trust in people to shape the state and see handing control over to people as essential to the redesign of the 21st Century...

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This document serves as the policy detail appendices to the final report of the Compass Education Inquiry, ‘Big Education’. They provide more context, analysis and policy detail to the overview contained in that report.

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Big Education: learning for the 21st century is the result of two years of conversations with students, teachers, parents, experts, members and supporters. The idea of ‘Big’ came to us as we surveyed the narrow, restricted and directed system of education we have – instead we wanted...

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