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he founding statement of Compass, signed by 20 leading figures on the democratic left. The central claim of statement was that the richness of human potential in today’s society requires both pluralism and egalitarianism to be embraced and combined in radical, distinctive ways by democratic...



Dare More Democracy


By Neal Lawson

Written by Compass Chair Neal Lawson, the pamphlet is based on focus groups of people who voted Labour for the first time in ’97. The research carried out by Opinion Leader Research provides an important insight into what voter’s expectations were of Labour when coming to power, what they...


Written by Robert Taylor, a former Scandinavian correspondent for the FT, ‘Sweden’s new social democratic model’ is published by Compass to demonstrate that it is still possible for the left to manage markets in the name of social good – not just seek to serve the interest of global...


The pamphlet, written by Rebecca Willis and published in association with Compass, argues that we will only succeed in tackling climate change and increasing energy security if we take a step back and think again about the purpose of our energy system and the role of individuals within it. Grid...


Our new pamphlet written by Melissa Benn and Fiona Millar, provides an urgent, passionate and convincing account of what we need to do to make comprehensives work. It puts forward a strong argument that modern comprehensives are the right way to educate our children and that the obsession with...



Fit for Purpose


By John Harris & Jon Cruddas MP

Written by deputy leadership candidate Jon Cruddas MP and journalist John Harris, Fit for purpose looks at some of the ideas needed to renew the Labour Party organisationally. It proposes reform of the national party, reform of local parties and concludes by looking at Labour’s culture and a...


The Good Society considers the kind of society we want to live in. It argues that we are living in a social recession and puts forward an alternative politics based on wellbeing, care, equality and environmental sustainability. It is the first of three volumes in the Compass Programme for Renewal.



Organising to Win


By Kevin Curran

Our latest discussion pamphlet written by Kevin B.Curran calls for an increased focus on what many unions are already doing – getting back into grass roots organising and explains ways in which this can be better resourced. In so doing it outlines a new role for the TUC as a central hub to...


A New Political Economy is the second installment of the Programme for Renewal. It explores how we can become more enterprising and creative, but also manage markets for the good of society as a whole, at the same time sustaining the life of the planet.


The Commercialisation of Childhood report details the intensity and effects of advertising to children. It reveals an army of marketing experts and branding gurus spending billions every year to directly target children to sell products and groom them for a lifetime of consumerism. They are...


This is the third and final volume in our Programme for Renewal. Democracy & the Public Realm looks at the democratic processes and structures that uphold the good society and provide the legitimacy and accountability for managing the economy in everyone’s interests.


The pamphlet makes the case against the bureaucratic and market state and for a democratic state. In this way it attempts to turn the demoralisation of the NHS into a process of remoralisation. With the 60th anniversary of the NHS, the Darzi Review, the possibility of a Constitution of the NHS...

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