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This thinkpiece examines the possibility of introducing one or more social wealth funds in the UK. Such funds would aim to capture some of the financial gains from the private ownership of capital and use the proceeds for wider community benefit, such as investment in social infrastructure,...


In this thinkpiece Ruth Lister explains why we need to move beyond statistics to understand the experience of poverty. She argues that we need to appreciate how people in poverty are 'othered' and as a result we need to truly acknowledge their agency.


In our latest thinkpiece Joe Guinan and Thomas M. Hanna outline a proposal that could bring Royal Mail under the control of postal workers. Through the creation of a trust the CWU could begin to collectively and gradually own a larger and larger share of Royal Mail. The trust could be a...


Our latest thinkpiece looks at how to form a coherent alternative to neoliberalism that has dominated politics since the 1980's. Despite its clear failures in light of the financial crisis, no one has yet put forward a decent  alternative, and in this piece Colin Crouch shows how to change this.


Over some two centuries those who have contributed to the corpus of British socialist politcal economy have wrestled with the ideological challenge of accommodating the consumer and the business of private consumption with their political economies.


EqualityGood Society

Freedom Today


By Nick Stevenson

One of the curiosities of our time is the way that freedom has almost exclusively become the domain of the political Right. It is only markets that can make us free, or freedom is a life of our choosing without the state robbing us of our money or telling us how fast we can drive on the motorway.


There needs to be a whole government response that reflects the complexity that people on low and middle incomes have to deal with in their daily experience: issues don't effect people one at a time.


In his recent Thinkpieace (July 2011), Alan O'Shea drew upon the writings of Antonio Gramsci to identify what needs to be done to shift the political culture away from 'market fundamentalism' towards one in which the economy is subordinated to the needs of society rather than the other way around.


The astute reader will detect from this article's highly intemperate tone that it is one written more in anger and in sorrow. Why is it that free trade cheerleaders like the Economist correctly identify the underlying cause of today's economic and social malaise i.e. globalisation, whereas the...


Compass wants to build 'The Good Society'. The good society is both a means to an end and an end in itself. Yet we can easily begin to think of the good society as merely an end point to which someone else - a group of leaders, for example - is going to take us.


After full experience of the insufficiency of the existing federal government, you are invited to deliberate upon a new Constitution for the United States of America.


For the past few years Compass has been filling out a vision of the kind of society that greater equality, democracy and sustainablity would entail (encapsulated in 'the Good Society').

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