Uniting for a Progressive UK!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 7-9pm
BVSC 138 Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 6DR

Join Neal Lawson and Zoe Williams, plus more to be announced for the launch of

Progressive Principles & First Steps, as developed by a West Midlands grassroots initiative

This is a participative Workshop which will ask:

  • Can you live with the Progressive Principles & First Steps, as a basis for building consensus?
  • What practical, concrete steps should be taken next?  

Places are free but booking is essential via this link– the event is kindly supported by Compass

The Progressive Principles developed by the grassroots initiative are…                                                                      
Enabling Potential: Everyone has an equal opportunity to develop their full individual potential
Equal Society: Everyone is included and our basic human needs are provided for
Participatory Democracy: Everyone’s voice is heard and every vote counts equally
Environmental Sustainability: Everyone feels our local environment is our home, and the planet is preserved for our children and grandchildren
An Economy for the Common Good: Everyone’s needs are supported through regulated and responsible markets with mixed ownership models and by fostering local economies


This means First Steps like…
● Well paid and rewarding work ● Secure tenancies and building more affordable housing ● Investing in green manufacturing and technology ● Having a safety net and decent minimum income for all ● Proportional Representation & empowered local councils & neighbourhoods ● Making the UK self-sufficient in renewable energy generation ● Investing in early childhood education and care ● Closing down tax havens ● An independent and truthful media – starting with implementing Leveson ● Clean up Westminster – starting with the revolving door and lobbying

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