How to hold a local inquiry

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Holding a local inquiry

Compass, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and many other organisations and individuals are coming together to establish an Inquiry into a New Model of Education. This is a unique project in both substance and style. Starting from a values base of greater equality and democracy it will build a coherent and systematic view of a new model of education. As part of the inquiry there are 3 tiers of engagement including an Advisory Council, working groups and experts in education which is all of us! As part of the inquiry we are asking people to hold local inquiries that will feed into the Advisory Council, the end product of the inquiry and a report next summer.

There are 5 simple steps that you need to do to make a local inquiry happen:

1.      Location, Location, Location: Decide when and where you want the event to be. Obviously the time and place needs to suit you but please bear in mind that the event needs disabled access and not everyone feels comfortable in a pub.

2.      Getting the word out: Ring or email Rosie in the Compass office and she will send out an email to people in your area, promote the event on social media but it would be great for you to spread the word in your networks too!

3.       The agenda: It would be good to think about what you want to talk about at the meeting. For the inquiry it would be great to talk about:

  • what education means to you
  • what are some of the best things about the various education systems in your area
  • what are some aspects of the various education system that don’t work in your area
  • what do you think are the key things needed in a new model of education

Recording the conversation: Have a think about how to record the conversation and feed it back as it will be included in our final report. Also it is a good time for all there to take part in our Tumblr on what does Education mean to you.

5.      Send some notes or a summary of the main points to Rosie.

We don’t want this to be just London – or just those in the education policy loop – but a reflection of all our hopes for a new education system that works for everyone.

If you have any questions at all please email Rosie or call her on 0207 4630631

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