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The five year assault

By Howard Reed

Wednesday 05 December 2012

Howard Reed (Co-Editor of Plan B and Director of Landman Economics) writes for us about what he sees as a malicious Autumn Statement from a failed Chancellor determined to spend five years assaulting the UK’s poor and vulnerable.   Today’s Autumn Statement marked a point just...

Reflections of the year 2011-2012

By Compass

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Our Political Positioning and Priorities Statement (below) sets out our strategic political position as well as a list of key priorities and activities proposed for the year ahead. Compass members can propose amendments to the PPPS which can then be voted on both online and at the Compass AGM...

The new walls being built around our schools

By Rebecca Hickman

Sunday 13 January 2013

Ayesha is unlucky – twice over. Her first mistake was to be born in a country that is one of the few remaining local authorities operating an '11+' test for all its students to determine secondary school admissions. As Ayesha’s prior attainment is below average, she will 'fail' this test...

After Eastleigh, the crisis of party politics

By Neal Lawson

Friday 01 March 2013

The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.

Antonio Gramsci: Selections from the Prison Notebooks (1971)

The old party political system of Britain is creaking to a standstill. Last...

Ten ways to survive as a woman on the left

By Rosie Rogers

Friday 08 March 2013

So I'm a woman, trying to survive on “the left”- that  strange world populated by institutions with mission statements, equality policies and progressive solutions. Don’t get me wrong: there are still great individuals, groups, movements and even institutions that continually give me hope...

"April is the cruellest month": how true TS Eliot's words will ring for millions of low-income working age people reliant on benefits and tax credits as they face a raft of cuts this cold April. Cruel, too, has been the language of "strivers" v "skivers", which has framed much of the debate...

Life Under Thatcher: Share Your Stories

By Rosie Rogers

Tuesday 09 April 2013

The legacy of Margaret Thatcher's tenure in political office will now be discussed at length. Those who will frame this debate though, are often far too concerned with the health of London. To contest this narrow view, we want to hear from you about what life was really like under Thatcher. This...

9 lessons we can learn from Thatcher

By Zoe Williams

Tuesday 23 April 2013

These reflections were made by Zoe Williams at our recent event 'What can we learn from Thatcherism?' Further details and the audio recording from the night in can be found here.


Lesson one: there is no such thing as a successful Thatcherite policy.

There is just a policy whose failures...

It seems to be the age of seven questions as Tony Blair once again acts as an uncomfortable sage for Labour and Ed Miliband. With Scottish Labour having just held its Annual Conference in Inverness this past weekend and the party’s Devolution Commission interim report out on further possible...

The Good Society debate is thriving in Europe

By Henning Meyer

Thursday 02 May 2013

The Good Society Debate, that was launched five years ago by the SPD Secretary General Andrea Nahles and the Head of the Labour Party Policy Review, Jon Cruddas MP, has certainly made a splash in Europe. According to a study by the Institute of Democracy Research of Göttingen University the...

Since she became leader of the Party of Wales last year, Leanne Wood has prioritised work on the economy, and she has now launched Plaid Cymru's Plan C.

The 7 point Plan includes initiatives to share income tax powers between the Welsh and UK governments, a procurement campaign to make the most...

After austerity: a new limit to growth?

By Victor Anderson

Friday 07 June 2013

The current focus on policies for returning to economic growth threatens to obscure the problems of sustaining growth on a finite planet. A new study hopes to respond to this threat.

The current focus on austerity and competing policies for achieving a return to growth threatens to remove from...

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