Why I organise Compass meetings

Cynthia, Merseyside

When you get passed 60 you realise that telling the story of your life is a bit too long-winded and complicated. How I came to Compass is less so.

As a committed socialist who had worked in the Labour Party since 1979 I was drawn to Compass as one of the very few places where it was possible to talk about neoliberalism and its ills, a subject that I felt passionately about and still do.

If I have an agenda for the Labour Party it boils down to some honest discussion about curbing corporate power – some fundamental changes- and nothing less will do to save our society.

As a Quaker, aspiring to pacifism, I am disturbed by the antagonism evident in the policies of the coalition government that feels like a vicious attack on working people. There is an urgent need therefore for everyone to engage with the neoliberal agenda – understanding leading to action – otherwise violence from the ruling elite will be met with violence from the victims … which is why I want to get people talking – and organise Compass meetings.

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