Suki’s story

Suki Ferguson, Northamptonshire

I grew up in a rural part of Northamptonshire, in a farming community with naturally Tory leanings. My parents gave me a sense of the political spectrum – my father being a free market Conservative farmer-turned-accountant, my mother a Lib Dem-inclined social worker (funnily enough, the marriage didn’t last!).

I attended private schools and though the teaching was of a good quality, I increasingly disliked the underlying social emphasis on wealth and the status quo. I chose to attend the University of Sussex in order to be part of a community that prized political awareness, social justice and critical engagement. During my time there I was able to develop my interest in politics (particularly feminism) in a positive and proactive way; since then I’ve moved to London and involved myself in various political projects wherever I can outside of work.

Compass’s cross-party consensus-building approach is an essential part of the UK’s often divisive political landscape. I don’t come from any of the classic lefty backgrounds, and part of what I love about Compass is that their inclusive, nationwide approach has made this feel like a strength instead of a weakness. My membership to Compass has brought the key issues of today into sharper focus, and the continuing development of the organisation is exciting to see during these times of austerity.

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