How Goldsmiths changed me

Beth Robinson, Worcester

My name is Beth and I was born in Worcester and lived there until I was 18, where at this point I went to university at Goldsmiths College to study English Literature. With my parents being left-wing themselves, my opinions were influenced by them but I have gone on to developed my own viewpoint, although still firmly on the left of the spectrum.

My parents are teachers, so witnessing the effect the public sector cuts are having upon them made me want to speak out and take some action. With myself also being a student, this furthered my left-wing stance, as I am angered by the existence of tuition fees for university students at all, even more so the raising of them.

Consequently I have become militant on my ideas of social justice and volunteering at Compass has allowed me to help in influencing politics and making a change for the better.

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