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Adam, Perthshire

Adam Ramsay: 'There are more of us now.'

My name’s Adam. I grew up in rural Perthshire, on the edge of the Highlands of Scotland. My family have owned the same chunk of land there since 1232. When I was wee, my dad was the shepherd on the land, my mum trained as a counselor and looked after the four of us as we build dams in ditches and tree houses in the woods.

I went to a boarding school where I saw first hand the absurdity of the British elite, and how it is built from rugby pitches and choral music and, after reading some books, decided the neoliberal system is rotten to the core. I signed on the dotted line for the Green Party and the anti-globalisation movement, which was at its post-Seattle peak (this was 2001).

At university I joined People & Planet where I learned more about how the world doesn’t work, and got involved in my student union and every corner of campaigning I could find. Since then, I’ve worked for People & Planet, training students to campaign on their campuses and in the wider world. I’ve found Compass to be a really useful space for bringing together different people working in different ways for a system which works.

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