Excited about a better future!

Rosie Rogers, Romsey, Hampshire

My name is Rosie. I was born in Dublin, grew up in Louisiana USA and settled down in Hampshire when I was 14. I come from a single parent family and my brother has autism- so from an early age I experienced the inequality faced by single mums and people with disabilities. I have always been passionate about social justice and volunteering and started a charity to take kids with special needs out for fun days out.

I went to Cardiff Uni and studied Psychology where I carried on volunteering and got involved in People and Planet. I then worked with the solicitors Leigh Day on a legal case in Africa where I saw first-hand how large companies get away with exploiting local communities. I then worked in India with a ┬áhuman rights organisation campaigning for women’s rights and then at the World Development Movement and then a homeless charity in North London.

I am really passionate about social justice and have been involved in the anti-cuts movement and been deeply involved in UK Uncut and UK Uncut Legal Action. I volunteer in my local community by running a choir for homeless men and women. I came to Compass because although I love activism, I wanted to get involved in putting pressure on those who actually make decisions on my behalf and that affect my community and family. I was drawn to Compass because it reflects my values and what I want to see happen in the world and I am excited about a better future.

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