Board member for Membership Engagement

A Board member dedicated to supporting and developing all aspects of membership recruitment and engagement.

The individual will ensure the needs of the membership are integrated into board level decisions. They should be hands-on in working with the executive team and others to develop and execute the membership engagement strategy.

This should include:

  1. Expanding the membership and setting quantifiable goals and milestones to achieve this.
  2. Enhancing the membership experience and ensuring that the organisation is carrying out its work in a manner that will support the expansion of the membership and the quality of membership experience and membership retention.
  3. Ensuring sufficient opportunities exist for the membership to actively shape Compass activities/work/policy.
  4. Promoting local Compass initiatives and empower local groups and individuals to run Compass events in line with the ethos and methodology of the organisation.
  5. Developing strategy for data/feedback collection from membership and distil key trends.
  6. Ensuring that Compass membership is as diverse as possible, with guide targets to increase the ratio of women, young people and BAME people.