Board member for Fundraising

A Board member for fundraising dedicated to supporting and developing all aspects of fundraising.

The individual will ensure the needs of the organisation to raise funds are integrated into board level decisions.  They should be hands-on in working with the executive team and others to develop and execute the fundraising strategy.

This will include:

  1. Reviewing the existing strategy and achievements and fundraising plan.
  2. Devising/refining the fundraising strategy.
  3. Working with other board members to ensure realistic fundraising targets are put in place together with a plan for achieving them.
  4. Working with other board members to ensure information about current and previous funders as well as target channels/organisations/people are well-organised and segmented appropriately.
  5. Developing and helping execute a communication and engagement plan for each of those segments as well as digital fundraising campaigns.
  6. Preparing reports and giving presentations on fundraising progress to the executive director and board.
  7. Attending fundraising/networking events or meetings with donors.